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Mike G. Naperville, IL
5 stars from the customers

"Would definitely recommend 24/7 Heat & Cool..."

Our furnace went out after the crazy polar vortex this winter. Our neighbor recommended 24/7 Heat & Cool who'd replaced their furnace a couple years ago. The tech who came out to give us a quote was friendly and helpful; he was patient and answered all our questions about options, brands and prices. He explained about upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace. We ended up replacing both the furnace and the air conditioner (we were anticipating issues with the air since it's so old). They gave us a great deal on doing both at the same time! On the day of the install, the techs showed up on time, were polite, got it all done that day and left everything clean. We took advantage of their 0% financing so we could get it all done right away. We are very happy with the new equipment, price and service by 24/7 Heat & Cool. Their office even took care of doing the warranty registration for the extended parts warranty. Would definitely recommend. Great job!

Debbie M. Darien, IL
5 stars from the customers

"We are so thankful for 24/7 Heat & Cool for doing a thorough safety check..."

We scheduled a furnace cleaning with 24/7 Heat & Cool a few weeks ago to make sure our furnace was working properly and safe for the coming cold winter. The first thing our Technician did was a safety check for carbon monoxide and when he put his meter at one of the vents, the numbers went higher and higher and then the alarm on the meter went off due to dangerous CO level. We had no idea that our furnace was not safe and leaking carbon monoxide in to our house because we had a CO detector which hadn't gone off but we found out from our Tech that CO detectors only last for 5-7 years and need to be replaced after 5 years otherwise they might not pick up any CO in the air. Our furnace was leaking carbon monoxide due to a cracked heat exchanger plus it was pretty old furnace, so it had to be shut off immediately and not used. Luckily it was not super cold temps outside yet but 24/7 Heat & Cool still came back out first thing the next morning and installed a new furnace with a 10 year warranty and lifetime heat exchanger warranty so now we can sleep easy knowing we are safe and warm! We are so thankful for 24/7 Heat & Cool for doing a thorough safety check and making our furnace replacement a priority to get it done right away.

Bonnie B. Aurora, IL
5 stars from the customers

"We are very pleased with the prompt response..."

Our house was not getting enough heat. We called a few places but they couldn't come out until Monday. We got ahold of 24/7 Heat & Cool who came out in 2 hours. After inspecting our furnace, our tech quoted repair costs vs. installing a new one since it was very old. We chose to get a new high efficiency furnace instead of doing repairs. They gave us a special deal on doing the AC at the same time and they were able to get everything installed the next day on Saturday. We are very pleased with the prompt response and the equipment works beautifully.

Stephanie M. Downers Grove, IL
5 stars from the customers

"24/7 Emergency Service for no heat emergencies....."

This morning I woke up to a cold house and a thermostat that read 54*. All I could think was oh no it's the day after Thanksgiving and I'm going to be freezing all day due to a major holiday! I went on-line and found 24/7 Heat & Cool's website and saw that they offered 24/7 emergency service for no heat emergencies so I called and they answered. Their Tech came very quick and found a bad ignitor plus the furnace badly needed to be cleaned so he got it done and I was so grateful to feel the house heat up right away! I was so relieved that it was only a minor repair and they were not pushy at all!!! (Don't you hate like you are being sold something you don't need especially an entire furnace!) They checked the whole furnace over and said I should get a few more years out of it but to start thinking about a replacement so I have time to start saving when the time does arrive. I will definitely be calling 24/7 Heat & Cool when it comes time to do the job for me. I am so grateful for such quality service.

Kristin S. Westmont, IL
5 stars from the customers

"Great local Company which we highly recommend to everyone!"

When our 23-year old AC stopped cooling we knew we had to get it replaced ASAP. 24/7 Heat & Cool was able to come out the same day and give us a quote for a replacement. Since our furnace was as old as the AC we decided to replace both and also upgrade to a high-efficiency furnace. 24/7 Heat & Cool gave us a great price to replace both at the same time, and they got the job done the very next day! Their office even took care of registering our equipment warranty and filing for our Nicor Gas rebate. Great local company which we highly recommend to everyone!

Ryan R. Wheaton, IL
5 stars from the customers

"Luckily, 24/7 Heat & Cool came out the same day...."

Sweltering heat wave and our AC went out! Luckily 24/7 Heat & Cool Technician came out the same day and got the cold air flowing. And our tech showed me what I could do to help keep my AC working and lasting longer. Highly recommend this local company for AC or Furnace work.

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